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Why Thermal Sensors?

Employees are the heart of the Organizations and those which focus on the safety and security of them are pretty much concerned about their well-being when they are in the office/plant premise. During this COVID-19 times, where the rate of transfer of virus is exponentially fast, the chances of employees getting impacted are beyond the maximum limits. But to keep the ball rolling, Organizations/plants should definitely open up their operations within the limits of Govt. instructions. So, keeping all these measures in mind, a biometric/another traditional form of attendance system would negatively impact the overall atmosphere.

How Thermal Sensors Works:

  • With our advanced mechanism, this AI-based system would do the following:
    1. Identify the employee/staff/executive and automatically record the name, gender, employee id, in-time, out-time, camera IP etc.
    2. Track those with high temperature which may indicate an alarm, such as infection
    3. Track if the person is an employee or a contractor or outsider etc.
    4. Track behaviour of the employee (happy, sad, angry, disgust, etc.)

Techologies used in this Product:

Keeping in view the situation and problems of various Companies, our experts have come up with an Artificial Intelligence Powered Advanced Facial Attendance embedded with Thermal Sensors, a state-of-the-art technology which is the need of the hour inthis COVID-19 times.


Utilization of this AI-powered advanced solution is the need of the hour and coming up with this solution given the global pandemic situation is absolutely timely.

Advantages of using Thermal Sensors

Blend of sophisticated hardware

Highly Secure

Efficient Speed

Equipped with Cloud Capacity

Key specifications of Thermal Sensors


Our Advanced Solution has the following capabilities:

  • Scan distance: 0.5 - 1.5 meters
  • Accuracy: Indoor +/- 0.2°C and outdoor +/- 0.8°C (depending on environmental condition)
  • Speed: Configurable (maximum speed is 1 person per second)
  • Identify the employee/staff/executive and automatically record the name, gender, employee id, in-time, out-time, camera IP
  • It is Cloud-based and can be easily deployed & scaled
  • On-premise based on need & can easily integrate with existing infrastructure
  • Photo and thermal result email alerts
  • Facial Recognition
  • Custom Web Pages
  • Digital signage capabilities
  • Gesture Responses

Challenges without Thermal Sensor

Temperature Check

Challenges in Identifying the Employees with Flu/Temperature

Tracking Attendance

Huge manual efforts on Tracking the Attendance of the Employees

Safety for Employees

Challenges in Safety and Security of Employees during these uncertain times

Social Distancing

Challenges in maintaining Social Distancing for Biometric Attendance System

Safe Environment

Heavy chances of Flu/Virus Proliferating and Contaminating the Work Environment

Insurance Effect to Company

Effecting the Insurance of the Companies due to Virus Infection and Spread virus

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