INNODATATICS rated among the "20 Most Promising Data Analytics Solution Providers - By CIO Review"


Clients might not always be truly aware of the underlying core business problem they are facing. Hence we perform extensive research to identify the critical problems faced by industry & communicate to clients for accurate identification & prioritization of business problem.


Market Research is performed to identify the research projects in-line with problem statement, so that the final products/services are always futuristic & of highest quality.

Energy And Resources

Performing Data Quality Assessment & Measurement System Analysis, wherever applicable, to ensure that final product/service is not built on sub-standard data, which might jeopardise the organization.

Finance Service Insurance

Surveys & experiments to identify the business critical variables for data analysis is often extremely costly & time consuming and hence we resort to Feature Engineering using existing secondary data.

Life Science and Healthcare

Our state-of-the-art exploratory mechanism extract not only the hidden dimension but also the hidden trends of the data, which supplements the customer to unearth business Insights with high quality.

Machine Learning and AI

Often business decisions are misled by the visualization of data in a bad light. We interface the robust analytical capability with that of the viz. tool to draw actionable insights , all in the most compact way, helping business Reports explain the insights & strategy devised.


We analyze the problem statement to build predictive model or simulation based model with provision for what-if analysis so that customer may find out the most optimum solution given the constraints.


Our research team not only keep pace with the ongoing trends in technological front, but also have vigilence on PEST (Political, Economical, Social & Technological) area, giving scope for setting most probable frequency for Model upgradation suiting current market condition.

Social Media Analytics

Social media has revolutionized the world & opening the new unexplored areas, which world has never seen earlier. Unethically defaming the products, services, organizations, celebrities, government policies, politicians, etc., has seen a drastic surge.

Telecom And Technology

Heavy rivalry among network providers has resulted in a proliferation of deals, many of which are free services for a limited time. Various telecom service providers are suffering major revenue losses as a result of this.

Business Intelligence

There are many BI tools available to address the problems faced by various Industries in terms of taking strategic decisions. The equations of business management have drastically changed with the advent of Big data, analytics & smart visualization.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning, the new craze in this digital majority environment, caters to the reduction of human interference. When a problem is complex, when a scenario is challenging for human brain, deep learning plays a significant role to fill the gap.

Internet Of Things

The virtual and physical worlds are defined by the idea of the Internet of Things, in other words, the interconnection of machines, devices, and sensors with computers through the internet is creating tremendous business opportunities for both startups and developed companies around the world.