INNODATATICS rated among the "20 Most Promising Data Analytics Solution Providers - By CIO Review"


Innodatatics is actively transformed by its highly extreme entities with various decades of realm expertise among its representatives. Our crew have a particular blend of enthusiasm, a startup company's keen interest, superior educational experience from premier or champion institutes, and prior involvement in working in the enormous consulting brands. Having previously contributed insight into possible of well-known (and not-so-well-known) industry problems, we are well-positioned to excel in the industry. Our R&D team advances to conceive by collaborating with its alma maters in finding solution industry-complicated issues. The Pool of exploration constantly dedicated to building ability competency by working on the largest advanced & come up trends.

Business Problem Formulation

Clients might not always be truly aware of the underlying core business problem they are facing. Hence we perform extensive research to identify the critical problems faced by industry & communicate to clients for accurate identification & prioritization of business problem.

Market Research

Market Research is performed to identify the research projects in-line with problem statement, so that the final products/services are always futuristic & of highest quality.

Data Collection

Performing Data Quality Assessment & Measurement System Analysis, wherever applicable, to ensure that final product/service is not built on sub-standard data, which might jeopardise the organization.

Feature Engineering

Surveys & experiments to identify the business critical variables for data analysis is often extremely costly & time consuming and hence we resort to Feature Engineering using existing secondary data.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Our state-of-the-art exploratory mechanism extract not only the hidden dimension but also the hidden trends of the data, which supplements the customer to unearth business Insights with high quality.

Business Reporting

Often business decisions are misled by the visualization of data in a bad light. We interface the robust analytical capability with that of the viz. tool to draw actionable insights , all in the most compact way, helping business Reports explain the insights & strategy devised.

Predictive Modeling

We analyze the problem statement to build predictive model or simulation based model with provision for what-if analysis so that customer may find out the most optimum solution given the constraints.

Model Upgradation

Our research team not only keep pace with the ongoing trends in technological front, but also have vigilence on PEST (Political, Economical, Social & Technological) area, giving scope for setting most probable frequency for Model upgradation suiting current market condition.

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