Automatic Attendance Using Thermal Sensors

Employees are the heart of the Organizations, and those who focus on the safety and security of them are pretty much concerned about their well-being when they are in the office/plant premise. During this COVID-19 times, where the rate of transfer of virus is exponentially fast, the chances of employees getting impacted are beyond the maximum limits. But to keep the ball rolling, Organizations/plants should open up their operations within the limits of Govt. instructions. So, keeping all these measures in mind, a biometric/other traditional forms of attendance system would negatively impact the overall atmosphere. Organizations are also finding it difficult to evaluate those people who aren’t keeping well and would want to enter the office premise.

Student Data Analytics using AI and ML

Reports pertaining to University/College Administrative Department need to be highly precise and should be more sophisticated. Updating files in Excel takes a long time and is vulnerable to human error. Reports are mostly static and non-interactive. This increases the time consumption for University/College Administrative Department officials to take decisions, and thereby results in losing important Insights.

HR Analytics: Profile Filtering using AI and ML

Repeatedly receiving similar complaints about a device failure will certainly not leave a good impression on the customer.Over the past few years, AI has slowly trickled into domains which once were considered solely driven by human beings. One such area in an organizational set up is the HR and Recruitment department.

Wind Turbine

These days, wind farms are being developed at a rapid pace where the wind turbines are generating electric current from wind energy. But, these wind turbines are getting failed unknowingly and causing the companies huge loss. Hence, companies are out in search for a solution, which might actually predict the failure.


The universe enormous organizations are using Chatbot to improve obligations and services. Utilizing the advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, “Edubot” is education institutions related Chatbot which interacts and assists the customers to provide instant information on various queries.

HR Analytics: Predicting Employee Attrition

Companies hire a number of employees every year. Companies invest money and time in training those employees, not just this but there are training programs within the companies for their existing employees as well. The aim of such programs is to increase the effectiveness of their employees. But where does HR Analytics fit in this?

MobiWeb Analytics

World is moving at a faster rate than expected. Many things are changing right from the way the items are manufactured to the way they are sold. Technology is the key ingredient without which the customer satisfaction and clients’ growth are impossible.
MobiWeb Analytics of Innodatatics provides a sophisticated way of leveraging technology with the current world trend, to draw many actionable insights for the execution of quick and clear decisions

Service Desk Automation

The reputation of an organization depends upon the time and quality it maintains in dealing with the customer. The service level agreements, quality and responsibility associated with the services, play a significant role. In general, each and every ticket is crucial and requires equal attention and focus. With improper knowledge base and improper diagnosis, there are chances of escalations, which will in-turn dent the reputation of the company/department.


In recent years, digitization has penetrated even the remotest areas of the undeveloped world. With the advent of advanced technology and digitization, the data that is getting generated is very huge and the number of hands asking for queries on customer product/services is increasing at a very rapid pace.

Device Data Analytics

DeviceData Analytics Repeatedly receiving similar complaints about a device failure will certainly not leave a good impression on the customer.
Often devices get failed due to unknown reasons and the cost these companies incur to identify the reasons is huge In terms of manpower, it can reduce the unnecessary burden and helps in cycle process duration reduction of identification as well.

Celebrity Social Media Analytics

Celebrity Analytics employs the Sentiment Analysis methodology, which identifies the polarity of opinions within a message, file, article, or other piece of content. This, Celebrity Analysis, visualizes the sentiment on a daily, monthly, and quarterly basis like at what time the people are attached to their mobile phones etc. All these can be viewed with our Celebrity Analytics.In the world, 75% to 80% of the data is unstructured, i.e., unorganized. Very humongous information is created every day such as emails, support tickets, chats, social media conversations etc. it has been tough to analyze and understand and also expensive and time-consuming.

Social Media Analytics

Social media has transformed the world and started new unexplored areas, which the world has nevermore seen untimely. Wrongly defame the products, services, organisations, celebrities, government policies, politicians, etc., has been an extreme surge. However, the same argumentation is implemented by agitators to drive the sinless into wrongdoing. Therefore, social media analytics has become a powerful tool to begin to light these kinds of wrongdoings. Social media has transformed into a viral marketing platform to reach millions of customers in a transitory. These rules challenge the companies in applying advanced analytical tools to deliver data mining & drawing significant business penetrations from unstructured data. Recognizing each word utilized in the advertisement content provides it rising in social media when people search for their specific interests.

Credit Risk Analytics

Credit Risk introduces the possibility of loss due to failure to generate the payment when the balance is due. Data Analytics has begun to advance in this sector. Many companies have used the data for better understanding of the risk of their defaulter. The lenders will make use of their models to approach the customers by their liability and then allocate strategies. Credit Risk analysis contributes to the lenders with a full understanding of the customers and then enables them to predict customer behaviour. With these technologies, lenders can save their money, time, and also target the right customers.

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